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Evidence that your reports are read by parents and staff

Over 194,000 reports read, with 61 percent of those reports read by parents, across 75 client districts

Readership of SARCs and Spotlight Reports is what leads to a return on your investment in accountability reporting. That return includes parents deciding to enroll their kids in your schools, and business leaders deciding to approve your partnership proposal. It also includes voters who trust that your parcel tax measure is one they can affirm on election day. And it includes school board members who are proud that their promise of transparency is one that the district has kept.

Median readership enjoyed by our clients was 31 reports per 100 student enrolled. This is based on our analysis of web logs of all documents read in calendar year 2012, across all schools in the 75 district clients we served. Total reports read were just over 194,000. To see the reports we send clients every year in March, covering the prior calendar year, go to Monterey Peninsula USD, Murrieta Valley USD, or Salinas UHSD, three very different districts.

An on-line poll we conducted in March 2013 revealed that 61 percent of those responding to our survey were parents. Half of those parents (30 percent of all reports read) were actively researching schools to make enrollment decisions. Another 19 percent were educators. The rest were realtors and other community members.