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See gaps differently

I know we have an achievement gap, but compared to other districts, how bad is it?

What we did: We took the last ten years of state assessments, disaggregated by student subgroup, for English/language arts and math (grades 3-8) and science (grade levels 5 and 8). We used the metric of students meeting standard to provide fair and reasonable comparability for both the CST and CAASPP results. Then we put the client’s data in the context of the 15 districts whose students most closely resembled their own, and visualized results as a scatterplot.

What they did: They discovered that for each of the past ten years, their white students have been the leaders (see orange dot) in meeting standards in English/language arts, while their Latino/Hispanic students have lagged in every year. In math, this pattern persists, although to a lesser degree. They now can see the challenge they face is a dramatic one.

Time elapsed: 20 minutes   Client: Pajaro Valley USDBack