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See Data With Fresh Eyes With The K12 Data Explorers

Planning Explorer

Problem:  When it’s time to set goals for years one, two and three, where do you turn for a base of evidence to derive your new targets? When your board members ask you, “What is the likelihood that we’ll attain this goal if we approve the budget you’ve requested?” how do you answer them?

Solution:   Our analytic support service provides you with a context for viewing your progress and challenges by creating a comparison set of 15 districts or schools most like yours. Then we turn all that data into patterns you can see clearly, and understand quickly and accurately. Learn by interacting with these data visualizations. We’ll show you and your team how to get the most out of the data in our workshop. Then we offer you a guide-by-your-side to help field your questions.

Data elements:  Over 40 factors are included, covering most of the state’s eight LCAP priorities. (The Assessment Explorer is included in the LCAP Data Explorer as the first of two modules.) You’ll find data about students, staff, course offerings, district financials, graduation and drop-out cohort rates, EAP and CAASPP assessments, college entrance exams, discipline, attendance, and more.

Analytic methods: Variance analysis, linear regression, volatility analysis, error margins and confidence interval measures, historical trend analysis (ten years), rate-of-change measures, and more. Interactive controls require user participation. District and school versions use comparative methods to create a context of 15 others whose students are most similar to your own.

Versions:  County, district, school

Disaggregations available:  grade level, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, compound ethnicity x socio-economic status, and English learner status.

Technology requirements:  PC or Mac, or a tablet computer running Tableau Reader 10 (available free). No internet connection required. Application runs on your device.

Software environment:  Tableau Reader 10 is all you need to open and interact with the Tableau workbook files we provide.

Pricing:  Call or email for a quote.