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Problem:  You know what the numbers are. But what do they mean? How do you know whether year-to-year change in your CAASPP scores weren’t due to chance, measurement error, or noise in the signal?

Solution:  We visualize the patterns so you can think with your eyes. We pay the same serious regard to uncertainty and volatility that political pollsters do. We lead you through a workshop. Then we offer you a guide by your side to help field your questions.

Data elements:   Data includes: CST and CAASPP results spanning ten years; subgroup and grade level data; gap data for gender, ethnicity and income; and measures of uncertainty.

Analytic methods: Variance analysis, volatility analysis, error margins and confidence interval measures, historical trend analysis (ten years). Interactive controls require user participation. District and school versions use comparative methods to create a context of 15 others whose students are most similar to your own. County version includes districts within your county.

Versions:  County, district, school

Disaggregations available:  grade level, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, compound ethnicity x socio-economic status, and English learner status.

Technology requirements:  : PC or Mac, or a tablet computer running Tableau Reader 10 (available free). No internet connection required. Application runs on your device.

Software environment:  Tableau Reader 10 is all you need to open and interact with the Tableau workbook files we provide.

Pricing:  Call or email for a quote.