Owl Vision Compensation Navigator

Vision. Wisdom. Negotiation Power.

Bring the Compensation Navigator to the bargaining table and meet the CTA on a level playing field.

Our Owl Vision Compensation Navigator identifies a rock-solid set of comparable districts for you, then allows you to see where you stand. The results? More confidence at the table. Less time wasted arguing facts. More effective communication of the negotiation outcome.

  • Level the information playing field.
  • Build your case from a rock-solid comparability set.
  • Save time before, during and after negotiations.
  • Include everyone in the conversation.
  • Gain powerful new insights by gaining perspective.

Chart your flight plan— Let our Owl Team guide you to stronger Districts Like Yours. Get your comparative bearings with new clarity. Navigate with confidence with visual reference. Map your course with all of your decision points.


Owl Vision

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