Owl Vision Navigator

Data Vision. Data Wisdom. Data Direction.

District comparability and unique data visualization tools combine for unprecedented decision support.

Making smart decisions starts with strong evidence. And ends when you’ve persuaded others that your decisions are wise ones. The Owl Vision Navigator is ready to help you along this journey by turning data into visual evidence that persuades and informs.

  • Discover the districts most like your own, and see your strengths in a comparative light.
  • See your data from new perspectives.
  • Open the door to data dialogues
  • Visualize the patterns so everyone can participate.

Introducing the COMPENSATION NAVIGATOR for your Collective Bargaining needs.

Soon to be joined by:
Suite 1: Business of Education — Navigators for Compensation, Staffing, Finance and Policy
Suite 2: Academic Leadership — for District- and Site-level Academic decision support


Owl Vision

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