Make room for young analysts in your district’s team

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I spent the afternoon of February 12 at Stanford to attend an education research conference hosted by Sean Reardon’s Center for Education Policy Analysis. The room was filled with scholars – visiting faculty, resident faculty and Stanford grad students. All [...]

Mismeasurement of gaps in LCAPs: bad arithmetic, bad logic

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The serious subject of gaps has been a hot one for more than five decades. The Coleman Report of 1966 was the first moment in my lifetime when leaders shined a light on inequities in schools. Prior Supt. of Public [...]

California’s CAASPP trouble is not unique

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California’s troublingly flat result on the 2017 CAASPP English/language arts assessment is similar to the results that are being reported in twelve of the thirteen other Smarter Balanced Consortium states. This discovery, by retired psychometrician Doug McRae, casts our California [...]

Two researchers’ works on gap analysis deserve attention

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I confess. I read research. When looking for guidance, for a challenge, for opportunities to make better sense of education data, I look toward those in the social sciences who do this best. My work requires it. My curiosity begs [...]