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New ways for local education and community leaders to see education data


K12 Measures is creating resources and training to help school, district and regional leaders make better-informed planning and management decisions.

Our mission is to enable you to derive wiser insights from education data. Our method is to create data displays that make patterns visible to you, support your ability to gain insight from those displays, and then put the controls in your hands.

Our services to local leaders include a family of K-12 Data Explorers combined with professional development that will build your ability to analyze the data. Our offerings include both a single workshop to build the skills of new users and a 12-module course to build analytic leadership.

For education leaders

Want a stronger evidence base for making important management choices? Want to save time? Want accurate results? Want to compare your district or school to those most like yours? Want to persuade with bullet-proof evidence in hand?

For regional leaders

Have a specific place that you care most about? K12 Measures will create a Regional Data Explorer for your city, county or region. We can compile the local education data you care about and create valid comparisons for you. We can also integrate K-12 education data with other data sets such as Census Bureau or college-going data.

  • The County Explorer: Assessment – coming soon
  • The County Explorer: Resources – coming soon

For community leaders

Need clear, trustworthy data displays to inform your stakeholders and further your education advocacy? K12 Measures can create a customized K12 Data Explorer that hones in on the issues, communities and young people you care about most.

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