School Wise Press is fortunate to be able to consult with these skilled advisors.

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Doug McRae

Doug McRae is a retired educational measurement specialist who enjoys remaining active in his field. For more than four decades, has served as an educational testing company executive in charge of design and development of K-12 tests widely used across the United States. He served as an adviser on the initial design and development of California’s STAR assessment system. He advises our K12 Measures team pro-bono on all matters related to measuring and interpreting evidence of student learning.

Howard Herl

Mr. Herl is a psychometrician and founder of Evalumetrics, a firm serving close to 200 California school districts with reporting of students’ physical fitness tests. As a senior researcher at CRESST (the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing), he led teams in designing web-based assessment systems. At the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Mr. Herl created tools to help administrators understand and explain assessment data, providing services to 81 schools or districts over the course of five years.

Jenny Rankin

Jenny Grant Rankin is an author and educator centered on making proper sense of assessment evidence. She is a lecturer with the University of Cambridge. Her Ph.D. in education specialized in School Improvement Leadership, and her research focused on the mismeasurement of student learning. She has written eight books and many articles and papers, developed the concept of over-the-counter data, and regularly presents at conferences. Previously, she was a teacher, assistant principal, and district administrator over assessment in Orange County. She was honored by the White House and served as Chief Education & Research Officer at Illuminate Education.

Peder Jones

Mr. Jones was the founder, president and managing editor of a textbook editorial development firm, Straightline Editorial, from 1984 to 2008. He led his team to create and develop more than 800 student textbooks, teacher’s guides, ancillaries, software packages. The knowledge he has gained in the course of building instructional materials for all grade levels and subjects has made him a valuable consultant to nonprofit groups, publishers, special education groups and game centered software firms. He has been advising us about professional development and the curriculum on technical analysis.

Richard L. Rees

As a social scientist and psychologist advising our K12 Measures Project, Dr. Rees guides the methods of our analytic engagements. Before retiring in 2013, for three years Dr. Rees had been Senior Director of Social Sciences at CENTRA Technology in Virginia. In the 30 years prior, he worked at the Central Intelligence Agency in a variety of roles, including deputy director of personnel security at Langley headquarters. He served in the Senior Intelligence Service for two-thirds of his CIA tenure, as a senior manager, analyst or expert.

Robert Gabriner

Dr. Robert Gabriner is the recently retired Director of the SF State University Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership for Community Colleges and Schools. He is also the chair of the Leadership Initiative of the Research and Planning Group, where he serves as co-director of the Leading from the Middle program. Prior to coming to SF State, Dr. Gabriner was the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Dean of Research, Planning and Grants, at City College of San Francisco. He is also co-author, with Dr. Norton Grubb, of Basic Skills Education in Community Colleges (Routledge, 2012).