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What does School Wise Press stand for?

We are here to help school district leaders succeed by discovering, understanding and sharing their schools’ and districts’ vital signs.

AboutUs_graphicThree principles–related to measurement, insight and communication–guide our work.

Thanks to the Local Control Funding Formula law, districts must measure what matters. But this imperative also provides new freedom for districts to decide what they care about most. Their next step is to set ambitious but realistic goals, reflected in the Local Control Accountability Plans. They must also share what they know with their staff, their parents and their voters. We are ready, willing and able to assist from start to finish.

Measuring what matters requires both more skill at measurement itself, as well as better judgment interpreting what those measures mean. This is as true of attendance as it is of assessment. It is as significant for evaluation as it is for planning.

School Wise Press’s K12 Measures Project is helping districts see where they stand by putting comparative analysis and visual evidence to work. Our methods center on turning large-scale data into meaningful comparisons and visual patterns that can be used to better understand and communicate schools’ vital signs. Thus armed, district leaders will be better prepared to meet the challenges they face in this new era of local accountability and continuous improvement.

Our broader purpose is to help educators, civic leaders, social justice advocates and journalists make more accurate interpretations of school data. We want to reduce the heat from friction-filled arguments with the light that comes from analytic insight.